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After consulting with your New Life Field Representative and deciding on the styles and materials of your new exterior installation, you can expect us to follow our standardized installation procedures.


You will be contacted by our Customer Service department to confirm the materials, colors, and other details of your job order.

If the job will be covered by your insurance, we will help walk you through the claim process. Our Customer Service representative will confirm or arrange for receipt of initial payment.

We will schedule the installation based on your preference and the availability of our installation team and needed materials.

We will also ask you to identify your preferred temporary location for delivered materials and waste container.


Our Production team will secure any necessary building permits, order materials, and arrange for waste container.

We will deliver materials to your home in preparation for building and place them in the location you discussed with our Customer Service department.


The job Supervisor will pre-check the site to ensure your windows, driveway, landscaping, and access are kept safe during building.

The Supervisor will verify that the materials delivered match the job order and will coordinate with the Production team to rectify any discrepancies.

Our experienced builders will get to work!

Most of our installations are completed in a single day!


After the job is completed, our builders and the job Supervisor will remove all excess materials from the site and ensure that there are no construction materials or equipment left behind.

A New Life representative will get in touch to confirm the job’s successful completion and arrange or verify receipt of remaining balance.

We hope you’ll be very happy with our work and will let us know by completing an evaluation form.

You can read some comments we’ve received from our past clients on our testimonials page.

If you like our work, please tell others!

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